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dermavix South Africa

DermaVix Cream Detailed Review

It has been labeled as a skin firming cream which not only gives your skin a rejuvenated and younger look, but also removes all lumps and bumps from different body parts. This skin toning formula melts away fat and provides the loose skin required firmness. It is developed using 100% natural compounds without adding any chemical filler or binder. Apply it to any body part and experience a head-to-toe makeover. It helps in reduction of inches from the body while keeping the skin of that area tight. It also does not lead to the formation of any marks which usually left when pounds are removed from under the skin. It is so much fast that after 9 minutes of application, it results in a 47 % reduction in dimpled skin.

Ingredients used

It is scientifically developed formula containing 18 proven ingredients. Though the exact list of components is not published on the official web page may be to maintain its secrecy, but you can find the exact detail on this pack. It has been mentioned that this cream contains no chemical additives.

How Does DermaVix Cream South Africa Work?

It is a clinically proven formula which reaches to the deepest by penetrating all seven layers of the skin. There it acts on the fat deposits, causing them to breakdown. It also raises the blood circulation, which carries away the fat along with it. This cream eliminates the lumps and bumps by promoting collagen synthesis so as to tone up the skin, making it firm.

How Fast Does DermaVix Cream South Africa Work?

It acts very quickly  and within a span of 6 weeks it results in as much as 72% reduction in bumps and lumps. So you do not have to stay patient for a long time.


  • It melts away fat cells in an effective manner
  • This cream is 100% natural
  • No harmful chemical is added to this formula
  • Suitable to apply over all skin types
  • Gives results within a few weeks only


  • It has not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration
  • The cream is not formulated to cure any disease or skin infection
  • It is not suitable for people under 18 years of age

dermavix South Africa

Visible Benefits of DermaVix Cream

I wanted a perfect toned body without any lump of fatty mass around my waist and thighs.  I was so desperate that when I heard of this cream I immediately placed my order without wasting any time. To my luck, I did not make me disappointed and all my money invested in this cream paid me off very well. I have lost several inches around my waist and gained a firm body with no more lumps and bumps. This is really an amazing solution! Give it a try!

Doctor’s Recommendation

This cream is formulated with natural components only and hence it has gained the trust of many dermatologists and skin care experts worldwide. Doctors believe that this cream is efficient enough in eliminating ugly lumps and bumps without leaving any sign behind.

Problems Reported of DermaVix Cream

Though it seems to be unbelievable to you, but this cream is not harmful to your skin in any sense. Apart from awarding you with positive results, it does nothing. This cream is a tested formula which is composed of natural ingredients to suit to all skin types without resulting in side effects.DermaVix Cream South Africa is a unique skin toning cream, which provides firmness to loose and sagging skin. It is a natural formula, which suits to every skin and can be applied to any body part.

Where to Buy?

If you are thinking to try your hands on DermaVix Cream, then rush to its official site. First time users can avail the benefit of the trial offer, which lasts for a limited time.

dermavix South Africa

My Experience

If you are fatty, then you know that a fat body is not only a storehouse of fat, but also a home of lumps and bumps that find their place around thighs, arms, waist or other body parts. Sometimes whenever any part of the body gets rid of its bulk of fat, the skin of that part is left loose. In both the situations you are left with a saggy skin, which does not look at all sexy. I was also chubby with lumps around my waist, thighs and upper arms. I did not only want to lose weight, but also wanted my skin to get toned and firm. I had heard about this cream, which is new to the market and thought of giving it a try. What it is and what it did to me, to know this read further…

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